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Rochelle Lacina

Chief Learning Officer, Aster International
Chief Operating Officer (Interim), Astra Centar

Rochelle Lacina is an experienced instructional designer who has developed learning solutions for multinational companies, international organizations and government-owned corporations. She actively managed content development projects collaborating with HR leaders and facilitators while leading a team of researchers for a global training company. When developing contents, she follows the behaviorist approach to learning ensuring interactivity of courses, maximum learning retention, and enhanced transfer to work.

Rochelle also authored and oversaw the development of CoachEngage©, a coaching and mentoring management software. She is passionate about environmental stewardship and creating economic opportunities for the underprivileged. Two causes that she championed when she worked with  Shell corporation’s foundation in the Philippines. She led the organization’s local information, education, and community campaigns during the Malampaya Natural Gas exploration and development. She is a member of the Association for Talent Development (ATD) in the USA. She is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.