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Denis Delogu

Director, Regional Operations

Denis Delogu is the director for regional operations at Astra Centar. He brings over 20 years of business experience to the company. Denis’ familiarity and experience with the different industries in Croatia brought him a clear sense of the workforce needs and market. He is keen on helping improve the Croatian industries by bringing in the skilled workforce through Astra’s socially responsible recruitment practice. Denis was a co-founder and manager of several companies on the field of project management, management, education and sales in construction and hospitality sectors.

Having gained substantial international experience on different projects in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Serbia, and Croatia, he focuses on organizational and financial aspects developing companies and their business to provide the best and most affordable business solutions that meet clients’ needs. In his substantial work experience, Denis strongly believes that innovative ideas, teamwork, an effective organization, and sufficient financial resources are of paramount importance to the success of each project which paves the way for long-lasting, sustainable businesses. He was also a guest lecturer on different topics at prominent Croatian universities and various professional conferences. He is enthusiastic in developing new strategies, working in a team and enhancing both personal and professional growth.