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Changing the Lives of Sri Lankan Workers in Croatia

Press Release: December 13, 2019

Event: November 13, 2019, Zagreb Caterers Forum 2019.
Event: November 09, 2019, Craft and Trade Fair of Koprivnica – Križevci County
Event: June 12, 2019, Astra Centar information session in the US Embassy

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Astra Centar: A Panelist at the Workforce Shortage Forum

Press Release: April 10, 2019

Event: March 22, 2019, Prelog information session: Business Development Through Socially Responsible Hiring
Event: March 15, 2019, Information session in collaboration for Zagreb Caterers and Tourist Craftsmen
Event: March 11, 2019, Croatia TV Interview with Leah Zveglich on the national television
Event: March 5, 2019, Astra Centar meeting in the City of Prelog

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