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Changing the Lives of Sri Lankan Workers in Croatia

ZAGREB — In December 2019, workers from Sri Lanka arrived in Croatia to work as in shoe manufacturing company Ivančica d.d. in the city of Ivanec. 

The manufacturing company hired the workers through Astra Centar, a benefit corporation that provides socially responsible recruitment for companies in Croatia. Astra is a social enterprise that is not only a full-cycle recruitment service provider but also assists with the proper integration of workers to ensure their success at their job as well as their adaptation to the community throughout the duration of their contract. Migrant workers are well received by Ivančica employees, and the head of HR says that workers from Sri Lanka are dedicated and highly responsible and conscientious in their work.

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Astra Centar: A Panelist at the Workforce Shortage Forum

RIJEKA, April 2019 — The Croatian Chamber of Commerce – Regional Chamber in Rijeka (HGK Rijeka) held a joint session and presented new measures of active policies and solutions for workforce shortage. HGK Advisor for Employment Policy and Employment Davorko Vidović, warned members of the Chamber about the dramatic lack of skilled workforce affecting the economy, which is why companies are faced with huge challenges to reach the workers they need. Among the possible solutions is the employment of foreign workers which was presented by Denis Delogu from Astra Centar.

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Can Foreign Skilled Workers Enhance Koprivnica’s Already Thriving City?

KOPRIVNICA, CROATIA, April 2019 — The government of Koprivnica welcomed Astra Centar to their city for an information session about socially responsible hiring. Supported by city department heads and local business owners, Mayor Mišel Jakšić led the event welcoming the Astra delegation headed by Director of Regional Operations Denis Delogu.

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Helping Croatian Companies Hire Foreign Skilled Workers

PULA, CROATIA, April 2019 — Astra Centar presented How to Hire Skilled Foreign Workers to the Pula Chamber of Commerce. This is part of the organization’s regular learning sessions that help its members get up to date on the latest happenings, innovation and issues surrounding the industry. Leading the information session was Denis Delogu, Director of Regional Operations with support from a colleague and Director Tomislav Petrusic.

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