Migrant Worker

Migrant Worker Recruitment

Our comprehensive recruitment services find the right candidates and provide integration support ensuring high performance of new hires.

Why Astra Centar

High demand for a job + Unreasonable recruitment fee for candidates + compound interest + illegal migration = forced labor situation + unfair labor practices.

  • Over 150 million migrant workers go abroad for better opportunities.
  • Over 25 million fall victims to forced labor due to recruitment fee debts.
  • Forced labor generates $150 billion profit annually.
  • We guarantee our candidates educational components are legitimate
  • We guarantee our candidates do not pay any illegal fees to the recruiters, therefore not entering into any toxic debt
  • All of our processes are transparent

Benefits of Working with Astra Centar

  • 90-days service guarantee
  • Best value for the service fees
  • Integration service option
  • Transparent and socially responsible process from the beginning to the end
  • Meets corporate social responsibility requirements
  • Motivated and engaged workers free from debt


Benefits to Employers

  • Growing business with socially responsible hiring
  • Source the right workers following ethical recruitment practice
  • Build workforce stability with proper integration into the community
  • Develop workers through training to increase their capacity and capability

Benefits to Migrant Workers

  • Socially responsible development and recruitment
  • No placement fee, no debt
  • Better opportunities by leaving countries with economic and political problems
  • Career Development
  • Effective development intervention
  • On-going support during the employment period
  • Stable source of income
  • Cultural exposure
  • Integration support

Our Workers Come From

We get workers from countries where there is a job market inefficiency caused by slow economic growth, political unrest or lack of opportunities for women and youth. 

We Find Decent Jobs with Fair Labor Employers In:

  • Croatia
  • Slovenia
  • Korea
  • and more