Work in Croatia


The Land of Antiquities and Thousand Islands

Behold its impressive history, magnificent nature, and colorful culture

Benefits of Working in Croatia

  • Well-developed market economy with a stable currency
  • Clear employment contract stating terms of employment, duration, location, and compensation
  • Permanent residency after 5 years which allows working anywhere in EU
  • Low cost of living  with consumer products and services in the low to middle-low price range
  • Very high quality of life index

Benefits of Jobs Through Astra Centar

Unsaturated Job Market

We recruit in industries and regions that have a great demand for workers.

Higher Pay

Jobs are located in a larger economy than workers’ origin country. Salaries are, therefore higher and more competitive.

Career Improvement

Opportunities for career improvement is higher as workers are provided with developmental support.

Support Family

Workers are able to support their family through sustainable work with a reliable financial benefit.

Integration Support

We are rooting for every worker’s success. We help workers integrate into their new job and new environment.


We provide development programs that help workers learn new skills, improve their performance, and increase their capacity.